Iconic Worldwide Berhad, formerly known as Sanbumi Holdings Berhad, is a Bursa Malaysia listed company that is primarily involved in tourism and property businesses. Iconic Worldwide is currently expanding to transform into a significant property player in the Northern Region of Malaysia while making strong inroads nationwide.


July 30


A joint-venture agreement between Iconic Worldwide Berhad wholly-owned unit Iconic Maison Sdn Bhd with Iconic Group’s wholly owned it Iconic Development Sdn Bhd, to develop a key commercial centre and landmark in Penang. Named Iconic Point, it will have a gross development value of RM127mil.

July 8


A hotel management agreement between Iconic Worldwide with Lucky 888 Sdn Bhd, an affiliated company to Iconic Group, for the provision of services to Iconic Hotel. This All provide a stable recurring revenue and additional income stream to Iconic Worldwide in the financial years to come.

July 8


Iconic Worldwide Berhad is diversifying its existing core businesses to include manufacturing and trading of personal protective equipment (PPE) which includes disposable face masks and gloves through its wholly-owned subsidiary Iconic Medicare Sdn Bhd.


We strive to embrace a trace-disciplinary ethos – bringing together exquisite design, lifestyle technology and environmental artistry to shape a vibrant society that invests, lives and works within a sustainable, cultural and healthy environment.


To uphold long-term relationships and provide the very best in health, safety and shelter which will enable businesses, families and individuals to grow and prosper.



We are passionate about our Business, our Brand and our Stakeholders, we believe that passion is a fundamental requisite of good business.


We are responsible towards the entrepreneurial value-embracing conduct of our Business. We create and maintain positive experiences by staying conscious of our actions and how they impact others.


We regard integrity as a critical core value. We act with honesty and sincerity in everything we do. We say what we mean, do what we say and build confidence in our tearn. We adhere to truthfulness without compromise.


We measure, monitor, manage and improve productivity, processes, tasks and ourselves, not just creating value for shareholders and stakeholders, but to be the maestro of the industry as our business evolves.


We strive to be the best and work hard to deliver an excellent service to our customers. We go above and beyond our commitments and actively seek opportunities to excel at what we do. We uphold world-class quality services and offerings above all.


Ms Ong Lay See

Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr Leow Chan Khiang

Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr Jason Chung Wei Chiun

Executive Director

Dato' Tan Kean Tet

Managing Director

Dato' Ir Zainurin Bin Karman

Chairman / Independent Non-Executive Director

Ms Tan Seok Ying

Executive Director

Mr Tan Cho Chia

Executive Director

Mr Lim Thian Loong

Independent Non-Executive Director